What’s brewing?

Recapping brewing industry news, homebrewing concepts and bottles of tasty beer in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

My all-grain brew of Northern Brewer’s Phat Tyre turned out to be a tasty birthday gift to my Fat Tire-drinking father. Also, RU Kidding? Pilsner out of “The Complete Joy of Homebrewing” is lagering away. The latest brew I’ve dubbed “Frankenbrew” because it is a mishmash of some leftover ingredients. It should lean toward a Belgian Dubbel finished with Jarrylo hops and fermented with Ringwood yeast. I tried a yeast starter for the first time, and the yeast have really been going to town on that bad boy in the carboy.

Member of the Wisconsin Brewers Guild and North American Guild of Beer Writers.

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P.S. A lot of people end up here because they want to re-cap an opened beer and save it for another day. If this is you, my advice to you is to man up and finish the beer.

Ryan Urban


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